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Wellness & SPA

The selected SPA employees have an authentic experience in the field of massage and SPA activities. They are very kind and work with professionalism.

For the Wellness & SPA industry we can supply staff from Asia. They have knowledge in the nutritional area, and in the therapeutic treatments that were applied in the past.

These professionals offer to wellness and SPA companies high quality services, and those who use these services a guide to a healthier lifestyle.

If you own a resort or want to open a SPA center, we can recommend Asian specialists in this field.

Wellness & SPA staff can be recruited from the following countries:



drapel sri-lanka

Sri Lanka

drapel Etiopia


drapel Kenya


drapel Nepal


drapel India


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We carefully choose the candidates, test their skills and knowledge, check them medically and for their integrity. Everything evolves fast and transparent.

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