Muncitor asiatici si africani pentru horeca

HORECA - Chef, cook assistant, dishwasher, waitresses, maids, etc.

Asian hotel workers are trained, serious and interested in working in Romania. Working conditions are good and they can get higher incomes than those in the country of origin.

For hotels or guesthouses they can be a good option to make up for the lack of local labor force. Asian and African workers are known for their hospitality and seriousness.

If you need Asian chefs, Asian bartenders or Asian waiters, we can help you with personal recruitment, testing, obtaining necessary documents in order to hire them.

The offered workers are selected on the basis of work tests, have previous experience and many of them know English.

Asian chefs have certifications in the culinary field, they can make authentic culinary products, specific to areas of Asia.

HORECA staff can be recruited from the following countries:



drapel sri-lanka

Sri Lanka

drapel Etiopia


drapel Kenya


drapel Nepal


drapel India


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We carefully choose the candidates, test their skills and knowledge, check them medically and for their integrity. Everything evolves fast and transparent.

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