muncitori din Asia și Africa


Gardeners from Asia and Africa are a solution on the existing market, the workers in this field being increasingly difficult to find in Romania.

It is the responsibility of a gardener to maintain the beauty of plants, outdoor land and trees in a garden.

Gardeners perform a number of general maintenance tasks, including designing, producing, renovating, and conserving outdoor spaces. The areas where they can work are local parks, hotels, farms and nurseries, etc.

Apparently an easy activity, in reality it requires solid knowledge in the field of soil and plants.

Asian and African staff can cover this lack of labor in Romania. solves the need for unskilled
and unskilled labor that Romania is facing, due to exodus of Romanian employees
from last years. Our professionals have relevant expertise
in identifying the right person for the right job. In
this context, represents an opportunity
for all those Romanian companies that want loyal employees,
e educated in a system that respects the man and his profession –
the Asian education system. We recruit human resources from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other emerging markets.

Gardeners can be recruited from the following countries:



drapel sri-lanka

Sri Lanka

drapel Etiopia


drapel Kenya


drapel Nepal


drapel India


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We carefully choose the candidates, test their skills and knowledge, check them medically and for their integrity. Everything evolves fast and transparent.

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