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Cleaning staff and housekeeping

If you need extra help with the upkeep of your home or you may not have time for other commitments (such as a busy schedule, childcare, etc.), it may be time to consider hiring a housekeeper or cleaning stuff.

If you are a company and you have spaces in warehouses, showrooms, hotels, malls, which need a permanent cleaning, you can call on our services, we can help you find staff with experience in this field, staff carefully chosen from areas of Asia and Africa.

The cleaning staff is trustworthy and attentive to details, doing their job rigorously and discretion.

The housewives we recommend passed specialization or training course in housekeeping, and others have extensive experience in other countries. The staff is suitable for cleaning activities for private families but also for hotels, commercial spaces, etc.

Cleaning and housekeeping staff can be recruited from the countries:



drapel sri-lanka

Sri Lanka

drapel Etiopia


drapel Kenya


drapel Nepal


drapel India


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We carefully choose the candidates, test their skills and knowledge, check them medically and for their integrity. Everything evolves fast and transparent.

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