Bona din Asia

Baby-sitter / Nanny

We know that each family is unique, with different needs and requirements than other families. In these conditions we do our best to identify these particular needs and find the perfect babysitter for your family.

Hiring an Asian or African babysitter can be the ideal solution for a family. The selected nannies have experience in raising children, many of them being raised and educated in their home country to perform such jobs.

One of the great advantages of nannies native in the Philippines or parts of Asia is discretion. They do not feel present in the house, and the child can interact with another culture, and can also learn English easily. Filipinos are hardworking, responsible and gentle women.

The employment file contains the criminal record, up-to-date medical tests, education documents, together with medically and psychologically tests.

Nannies can be recruited from the following countries:



drapel sri-lanka

Sri Lanka

drapel Etiopia


drapel Kenya


drapel Nepal


drapel India


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We carefully choose the candidates, test their skills and knowledge, check them medically and for their integrity. Everything evolves fast and transparent.

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