Frequently asked questions

The costs of bringing the foreign employee to the country as well as the accommodation and meals during the employment contract are supported by the employer, according to the Romanian legislation regarding the recruitment of non-EU personnel.

In general the candidates are English speakers; they learn the Romanian language very fast. For counseling and mediation we collaborate with authorized translators.

If the employer decides to give up an Asian employee or he leaves the employer, the employer is obliged to notify the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in compliance with the legal provisions regarding the notification of the authorities.

– Fiscal Certificate (CUI) of the employing company
– Fiscal registration certificate attesting that there are no debts to the state budget;
– Criminal record employer
– Ascertaining Certificate from the Trade Register Office
– Employer organization chart
– Work permit obtained from the Romanian authorities
– Long-stay visa obtained on the basis of the Work Permit submitted to the Romanian authorities in the country of origin of the candidate
The Residence Permit is obtained at the request of the employer by submitting an application at least 30 days prior the expiration of the Long Stay Visa

– online interview
– real-time or recorded interview
– travel on the spot for a large number of employees

– we take over the candidates from the airport
– we deal with the procedures with the immigration authorities in order to enter the country of the candidates
– the employers can send a person responsible for taking over the candidates to their headquarters.

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