Staff recruitment from Asia and Africa

The main activity of our company is recruiting and placing the Asian and African workforce in Romania

During these years we have carried out the recruitment activities of the labor force, obtaining and intermediating the necessary documents, from the level of candidate identification to the effective employment.

We provide counselor on the whole process of recruitment/hiring but also later. W carried out mediation activities in case of differences.

We carefully select the proposed candidates, test their skills and knowledge, and check their integrity, and the medical tests.

We choose very carefully the companies we serve, and we provide information in a complete and transparent way.

Trust and respect are the main elements in our collaborations we have in our activity.

forță de munca din Asia

Reasons to work with us

We identify skilled or unskilled workers from different parts of Asia such as Ethiopia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Syria.

The main fields served are child and elderly care, construction, hotel industry, logistics and warehouses, HORECA, SPA.

The most sought-after occuoations in these years were: Nanny from Asia (babysitting, nanny), nursing for the elderly, Asian construction workers, gardeners, maids, storage activities, cooks, assistants cooks, dishwashers, waitresses, masseuse, staff for SPA and Wellness from Asia.